Arjun Kharpal CV

Writing Experience

The Daily Mirror, editorial work experience, online news desk (22/04/13 – 26/04/13)

  • Wrote a range of stories online to tight deadlines. To see some writing samples please visit the ‘Me Around The Web’ page
  • Learned to use the CMS and was entrusted with creating SEO-friendly headlines and introductions
  • Found my own stories and pitched original ideas to the online news editor

The Guardian, editorial work experience, home news desk (15/04/13 – 19/04/13)

  • Pitched ideas to different desks including the finance and world news desk
  • Helped reporters with researching articles
  • Got a byline for an article about how London marathon runners felt in the wake of the Boston bombings
  • Attended a major press conference with Chelsea football club players and interviewed Frank Lampard

The Telegraph, editorial work experience, business desk (08/04/13 – 12/08/13)

  • Got several bylines online and in print writing stories about the Eurozone, companies, markets and China
  • Looked closely at market data and figures from companies to write stories from, working to tight deadlines in order to get the story online before competitors
  • Pitched original stories, especially about the Eurozone, using key sources of stories like the press offices and individual MEPs

BBC London, editorial work experience, online news desk (March 2013)

  • I spent a day on the BBC London news desk helping a reporter out on an investigation using freedom of information requests

Eastern Eye, editorial work placement, news desk (03/01/13 – 17/01/13)

  • I interviewed David Martin MEP to do with a story about EU trade relations with India, which made a Q&A box out alongside the main article
  • I wrote a range of other stories. I did a story about the affect of digital downloads on Asian music artists. I talked to UK Asian rape charities about the low conviction rates of rapes to accompany the page lead on the gang rape of the girl in New Delhi, India. I also spoke to a defence lawyer who has represented rape suspects for a page lead
  • I have been involved with Eastern Eye’s social media strategy

Ilford Recorder, editorial work experience, news desk (13/08/12 – 24/08/12 and 13/12/12 – 21/12/12)

  • I covered a breaking news story, which required me to send information back to the newsroom so it could be quickly updated on the website. It was a stabbing so myself and another colleague were on the scene immediately after the information came through. I interviewed many people around the area, including the man who wrapped a cloth around the victim to stop the bleeding. The story made the front page
  • I managed to get several bylines from a range of stories on topics including planning, business, and crime

Press trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg (December 2013)

  • Gained first hand experience in reporting the affairs of the European Parliament
  • Learned how to be a reporter in the Parliament and what the media should do to get all the information they need

Guardian Series (Essex), editorial work experience, news desk (06/08/12 – 10/08/12)

  • A byline came from a long-running local story about what to do with a grade two listed cinema that had been closed down for some time

Romford Recorder, editorial work experience, news desk (23/07/12 – 03/08/12)

  • I got several bylines, the highlight being a double page spread I did on Olympic torchbearers in the area
  • I also wrote a front page article for the entertainment pullout

The Times, editorial work experience, news desk (16/07/12 – 20/07/12)

  • I had three bylines from two Olympic related articles and one story on cinemagoers’ reactions to the shooting in Colorado
  • I was sent to Loughborough to write a story about student fashion for the education supplement
  • I was entrusted with researching stories, often calling up people for interviews and using Factiva to look through past articles

York Press, editorial work experience, news desk, (11/06/12 – 15/06/12)

  • I wrote and researched news stories, nibs, and picture stories
  • I also had a byline in the newspaper
  • I developed my interviewing skills and gained valuable experience in looking for stories

Other publications, editorial work placement, news desk (01/04/11 – 22/04/11)

  • I wrote TV and film news and reviews

York Vision, reporter

  • I wrote for York Vision, the Guardian Student Publication of the Year 2011/12 at the University of York


(2012 – date) City University, London – MA Newspaper Journalism

  • I have been assigned a patch to gather and report news from. As part of the task I have met with a variety of people including councillors, community leaders, doctors and businesspeople to make contacts and research stories. I contribute the finished news stories to our group website,
  • I am doing a special module in European Affairs which will teach me about the in depth workings of Europe. I will learn to write about the continent in a journalistic way. I have written news stories from press releases from the European Commission and European Parliament and understand how these two institutions work.
  • I am also working in a group to create a blog about London street markets and the way they are affected by the current economic climate. This forms part of the Online Journalism module which focuses on journalism in the digital age. I use social media to share writing, build an online community, and create a professional journalistic online presence which is becoming increasingly important in the rapidly changing journalism industry.
  • Proficient in media law
  • 100 words per minute in shorthand

(2009 – 2012) University of York – BA in English and Related Literature (2:1)

  • Late Renaissance and Restoration (2.1), Late Medieval Literature (2.1) – Both were very historically grounded modules and required large amounts of research on the politics and society of the period from a variety of sources in order to form a contextual analysis of the literature.
  • Literatures in English 1910-Present (2.1) and Postcolonial Writing (First) – These modules deal with more recent literature and events, but more importantly with the legacy of those events. Modern issues on Iraq, Globalisation and the ethnic diaspora in Britain are part of the discussion and I researched into these. Also, this module required expansive research since different areas of the world were being covered.
  • Spanish Reading Skills (Distinction), Spanish Level 3 (2.1). – Through this module I have advanced my reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish which are very useful in an increasingly multilingual world.

(2002 – 2009) Mayfield School

  • A Levels: English Literature (A), History (A), Biology (A), AS Media (A).

Interests and Achievements


  • I am a dedicated archer. I competed for the Essex county team and captained the university team. I have won several major tournaments and ranked first in the North of England University Archery League. This sport requires good time management and dedication

Theatre Production

  • Theatre is a passion of mine. I co-directed Romeo and Juliet for the Shakespeare School Festival. I assembled my own theatre company for the Shakespeare Youth Festival and directed Julius Caesar for the festival. I directed the musical Return to the Forbidden Planet in the main venue on campus. This was a very large project and involved 40 people. Time management, organisation and knowledge of different sections of theatre were very important


  • I was a runner on the set of independent film Brash Young Turks, due to be released this year. I had to fill in for the lighting and sound team members when they were absent

Additional Skills


  • I can speak Spanish and Punjabi conversationally. I can read and write Spanish to a good standard

IT Skills/Technology

  • I am very experienced using social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, especially to share my own writing, engage users and drive traffic to the website I am writing for
  • I am currently learning to use Adobe InDesign to design newspapers in class
  • I can use Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. I can also use Windows Movie Maker and iMovie
  • I have had exposure to the iPad, iPhone and other Smartphones with their relevant applications

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