Cabinet Reshuffle: Will the PM Pick the Aces or Jokers?

The current coalition cabinet will be awaiting the results of the reshuffle

Schools have resumed after the summer break, children are handing in their summer assignments, and some are preparing for tough exams ahead, but the Coalition government have the most severe test of all, as Parliament returns from recess with a Cabinet reshuffle imminent.

One may return to school after the summer holidays feeling blue, dreading the routine and work that lies ahead. More often than not children will be tired after a busy vacation period and this comparison could be applied to David Cameron’s government.

It could be said, and many critics have remarked, that the Coalition is tired, unoriginal and lacking ideas to rescue Britain from a declining economy. The Prime Minister has gone for the reshuffle tactic in an attempt to bring fresh new faces into the Cabinet to present a new look top flight that stand united in the difficulties ahead.

Whilst it is tricky to speculate who will keep their jobs and who will leave Downing Street with a frown, it is expected that a large number of posts will be filled by new faces.

The Cabinet reshuffle is certainly a political tactic to show the public that the government’s past mistakes will be left behind for a new era of forward thinking.

But like any piece of political manoeuvring, the potential for it to backfire is ever present. The new members of the Cabinet will have to adjust to their new role and learn the ins and outs of their ministerial position. There is no way of testing beforehand how each politician will react to the appointment which will create a rather nervy few months to come.

With George Osborne’s plan of a third runway at Heathrow coming under heavy criticism, along with calls for quicker spending and tax cuts by former shadow Cabinet member David Davis, the coalition has many questions to answer over the future of their deficit reduction plan.

The reshuffle may provide a very short-lived distraction whilst the public are acquainted with their new representatives, however, Mr Cameron’s selections will eventually come under the microscope, as he hopes that he can separate the aces from the jokers and provide a winning hand for Britain.

What do you think about the reshuffle? Do you think it is the right time to hold a reshuffle? Let us know what you think. 


2 responses to “Cabinet Reshuffle: Will the PM Pick the Aces or Jokers?

  1. As Cameron can only reshuffle the Tory side of the Cabinet he is restricted as to how far he can go. Teresa May as Chancellor? Maybe Clegg will bring Laws back in for Danny Alexander. Cameron should tell Clegg that in order to stay DPM he must take on a Cabinet portfolio.

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