Showing The Yellow: How The FA Fail To Tackle Racism

John Terry on his way to the Magistrates court

With the Premiership underway for another gruelling season, many changes have been made, from the new kits to big money transfers. But the landscape of the top flight scene has failed to change when it comes to the issue of racism and that is largely due to the fact that John Terry and Luis Suarez are still playing for their Premier League clubs.

The Football Association’s (FA) stance on racism is soft to put it, well, softly. The whole ‘Kick It Out’ campaign is no more than a glorified cover story for the governing body’s poor attempt to actually tackle racism in football.

If we take the case of Luis Suarez who racially abused Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, then failed to shake his hand when given the chance, it is clear for all to see that the Liverpool striker had no remorse for his actions. Yet the Uruguayan international received a mere eight match ban and a pat on the back my manager Kenny Dalglish.

When the punishments are so meagre, how does the FA believe racism will be kicked out of football?

And then came the John Terry affair, perhaps one of the worst racism cases in the history of the Premiership. Despite a paper thin defence, and rather undeniable evidence, the Chelsea centre back was let off the hook at the Magistrates court. But the FA pushed forward in attempt to give credibility to their ‘tough’ stance on racial discrimination and decided to charge Terry with racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.

Roy Hodgson showed his support for Terry saying that he hopes the centre back can play for England.

Suarez and Evra in the racist incident

But Terry should not be able to play for Chelsea let alone England. It is rather shameful that a man of that sort of mentality should be representing our nation in one of the biggest sports in the world. And a similar vein of thought should be adopted when dealing with Suarez. He should not be able to play in a team that is under the governance of the FA if the governing body believe that racism has no place in football.

However, as it stands, the FA is showing that they have no backbone in dealing with racist incidents in Premiership. As long as players like Terry and Suarez continue to represent the face of the game in the UK, he FA are giving the message that racism will not be shown the red card, but will be let of with a cautionary yellow.

What do you think about racism in football? What do you think the FA can do to get rid of it? Let us know what you think. 


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