The Roundup – Monday 6 August 2012


The scene of the horrible massacre

Wisconisn Sikh Temple Gunman Identified

A gunman who was suspected of carrying out a shooting spree at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin which left six people dead, has been identified as a US army veteran.

The man named as Wade Michael Page opened fire on a congregation of worshippers at the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) on Sunday killing six people and critically injured three people, including a policeman, before the gunman was killed by another police officer.

A civil rights group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has claimed that Wade had links to white supremacist groups.

A federal official claimed that Page was discharged after being reduced in rank from sergeant to specialist.

Police are searching the killers apartment for clues towards the motive of the attack.

Man Denies Throwing Bottle At 100m Final

A 34-year old man from Yorkshire has denied throwing a bottle at the start of the Olympic 100m men’s final.

Ashley Gill-Webb, of South Milford, North Yorkshire, pleaded not guilty at Stratford Magistrates’ Court to a public order offence.

After the incident, Dutch judo champion Edith Bosch hit a man who she saw throwing the bottle causing her to miss the race.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won the race clocking in a new Olympic record.


Coalition showing cracks over Lords reform

Clegg Abandons Lords Reform

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has abandoned reforms to the House of Lords after he claimed that the Tories “broke the coalition contract”.

Clegg now says that the Lib Dems cannot back Conservative led changes to parliamentary boundaries because it is unnaceptable that the other hald of the coalition can pick and choose policies.

The Tories were strongly against proposals to make the Lords a majority elected chamber fearing that it would undermind the legitimacy of the House of Commons.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt insists that the coalition are still committed to working together.


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