Murray Madness Shocks Federer In Olympic Final

Andy Murray into his stride against Federer

It has been over a hundred years since Britain has won a men’s singles Olympic gold medal in Tennis, but today Andy Murray won his Wimbledon vengeance match against world number one Roger Federer on centre court.

But what was it about Murray today that was different from four weeks ago?

One commentator said that Murray was like a man possessed and this is certainly a fair assessment. The British tennis star came out with intent, soaking up those tears from the Wimbledon final and channelling his hurt towards winning the gold medal.

Murray’s serve was incredible, regularly reaching over 200km/h and often forcing Federer into an uncomfortable stroke. His ground strokes were precise, so much so that one ball landed right at Federer’s feet and all he could do was hit it into the net.

Murray was striking the ball cleanly and he was determined, playing perhaps the best tennis of his life. In just 28 days he turned his game around from the Wimbledon final and no doubt shocked Federer. The Wimbledon champion could not settle, he was blown out of the water in the first two sets which Murray won 6-2 and 6-1, a comprehensive victory, but even more impressive because it was against the 17 time grand slam winner.

Roger Federer is a loved man in the tennis world, a true gentleman of the game, and the Wimbledon final showed that with an even support for Murray and Federer in the crowd. But the Olympic final was different.  Every point scored by Murray was met with rapturous applause and chants of “Andy!” filled centre court. The unrivalled support from the crowd as well as Britain’s recent wave of success in the past few days gave the Olympic gold medallist a confidence boost that he took through to this final.

It was an historic day today, with the first ever women’s boxing match in the Olympic Games. Murray has also made history at London 2012 and the British population will be hoping that Murray can continue his success to the next Grand Slam.

What are your views on Murray? What did you think of the final? How do you think Team GB are doing? 


2 responses to “Murray Madness Shocks Federer In Olympic Final

  1. I have to admit, I didn’t see this outcome at all. But I am happy to see Murray finally get the recognition he deserves.

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