London 2012 Deserves A Gold Medal

Jessica Ennis won gold in the Heptathalon event

Like many, and understandably so, the prospect of watching an athlete jump into a box of sand, or throw a metal stick as far as they can, never really shouted out ‘exciting’. Only a few weeks ago the Olympics seemed like more of a hindrance than an historic and monumental event.

And then London 2012 hit, like a thunderbolt from Zeus atop of Olympus, and the nation was stirred into a great patriotism and support for Team GB.

Right from the start, with Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony, the precedent of greatness was set, and although it was followed up by a medal drought for Team GB, this was not to last.  We didn’t have to wait too long until the gold rush came with the climax being what the media dubbed as “Super Saturday” – six gold medals including super performances from Golden Girl Ennis and the new 10,000m champion Mo Farah.

It is likely that very few people who are watching the Olympics take any interest in a lot of the sports that are on offer outside of the Olympic season. Unless one trawls through the numerous sports channels at some obscure time of day, they may stumble across some fencing for example, but many Olympic sports are not televised frequently.

For this reason it is a testament to the organisation of London 2012 and the calibre of the athletes that the country has backed Team GB in every event.

For me personally, Super Saturday was fundamental in making me feel really proud of our athletes. Watching Mo Farah’s

Mo Farah was another gold medalist in Team GB’s Super Saturday

final lap and his sheer disbelief and excitement at winning showed me how much it meant to him. Seeing Jessica Ennis on the podium with tears in her eyes as the UK’s national anthem played in the background stirred up a great pride within me.

It is great to see our athletes doing well, and also wonderful to see London showing off to the world.

I was a sceptic at first, thinking about how the Olympics are going to affect my everyday life – transport, traffic and prices – but when the Games were underway, the Olympic spirit that seemed so subdued was ablaze and continues to captivate the nation.


What are your views?

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