Bolt Electrifies The World: Why We Love The World’s Fastest Man

2012 Olympic 100m Champion Usain Bolt

He is a man that exudes confidence and not even the English weather can dampen his spirits. Usain Bolt has become an Olympic legend today after defending his Olympic title and breaking the 100m Olympic record. What is it about this incredible athlete that has the whole world in absolute awe?

Simply stated, Bolt is a character. The rhythmic Jamaican accent along with his ultra cool demeanour make him an incredibly likeable person. His trademark thunderbolt pose is iconic and has become synonymous with the world’s fastest man.

Despite the criticism of the Olympic 100m champion after his false start and two losses to teammate Yohan Blake, Bolt came back strong in the final in London and managed to retain his title. In his post race interview he said the critics have been answered through what happened on the track. He is not one to be caught up in the media hype but lets his running do the talking. That is the mark of a true professional.

The media furore about Bolt’s previous two losses has only helped to make the man more popular. Everyone wants the Jamaican sprinter to prove his greatness and show the critics that they are wrong – a ‘triumph in the face of adversity’ kind of story. We all love a great comeback.

Bolt’s success is also very inspirational and many people hope that it will prompt the younger generation to take up sport. And Bolt is truly inspirational to all, not just to youngsters. The 100m final at London 2012 was not just a win, but a clear win at that, charging forward despite a slightly hesitant start.

Today, on this historic day, the Jamaican sprinter has been hailed a legend. He is a world record holder, an Olympic recorder holder, and the world’s fastest man. There is a thunderstorm that is sweeping across London and the world, and its name is Usain Bolt.

Did you see the 100m final? What are you views on Bolt? Did you think he would win? Let us know what you think.


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