The Roundup – Friday 13 July 2012

Hitting the headlines today…

At Least 200 Dead In Syrian Massacre, Claim Activists

The Syrian military and pro-regime militia have killed at least 200 people in a village near the city of Hama, opposition activists reported.

The massacre, reported to have taken place in the village of Tremseh, would be the worse tragedy in the Syrian conflict if the report is verified.

Syrian activists claim that government troops surrounded the village on Thursday morning and heavily bombarded it.

Due to restrictions on foreign journalists in Syria, it is difficult to independently verify these reports. State media claims that the “terrorists” were responsible for the attack.

British Avalanche Victims Named

Two Britons killed in an avalanche in the French Alps which claimed the lives of nine people have been named.

Steve Barber and John Taylor from York, died on Thursday as the climbers began their ascent on Mont Maudit (Accursed Mountain) in the Mont Blanc range at Chamonix.

Roger Payne was the third British victim and has already been named.

Memo Puts Mervyn King Under The Spotlight Of Libor Scandal

Governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King has been put under pressure after a memo shows that a senior US official had called on him to reform Libor back in 2008.

Current US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner sent a memo to Mr King in 2008 calling for six changes that he claimed would improve the integrity of Libor. At the time Geithner was he president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and his memo was sent before October 2008 when Barclays lowered its Libor submissions.

Mr King is expected to appear before the Treasury select committee on Tuesday and this memo suggests he is likely to be questioned over Libor.

Record Number of Americans Disenfranchised For Upcoming Elections

Tough felon voting laws in the US have prevented almost 6 million Americans from voting in the upcoming elections.

A new study by the Sentencing Project claims that approximately 5.85 million Americans will be ineligible to vote in November due to having a criminal conviction. Even those who have served their sentence in full are disenfranchised.

These laws will hit African Americans and ethnic minorities the hardest according to the report.

Terry Cleared Of Racial Abuse Charge

Former England Captain John Terry has been found not guilty of racially abusing QPR centre back Anton Ferdinand during a Premier League game last year.

Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle cleared the Chelsea captain of a racially aggravated public order offence on the basis that it was “impossible to be sure” both of what Terry had said and what Ferdinand had uttered to him, though Riddle did says that there was “no doubt” that Terry had uttered the words “fucking black cunt.”

The Football Association will now study the evidence and decide whether they should proceed with some sort of action against Mr Terry.


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